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The Right Price by Bryse

On some level, pretty much every consumer is looking to you, as a professional REALTOR®, for fiduciary duties. While the consumer might not describe them as “fiduciary duties,” they know what they want. They want a REALTOR® who is willing and able to tell them that something is priced “too high” or “too low” or is “a good value.” They want a REALTOR® who can identify and exploit weaknesses and leverage the other party to get a better deal. They want somebody to provide them with the benefit of their market experience, knowledge and expertise. By Scott Peterson, CAR General Counsel.

There are a lot of terms out there. Real Estate Agent, Transaction Broker, REALTOR®, what's the difference and why should you care? Let Bryse explain, and help you decide the best route for your situation.

Bryse's Background

Bryson (Bryse) Collins moved to Fort Collins in 1999. He acquired his Associates Degree in General Studies at Front Range Community College and then went on to obtain his Bachelors of Science - Business Marketing at CSU in 2003. From there, Bryse worked as a project manager and salesman for local Commercial Construction companies, working for 15 years in that industry. He also spent some time with a local HOA management company working with property management. Bryse has been a residential Realtor® since 2014, initially hanging his license with RE/MAX-Alliance in Fort Collins, CO. Bryse worked as an Independent Real Estate Agent from 2017-2021 and then went back to RE/MAX-Alliance to work on the Aloha Team in 2021.

Bryse is Married to Cyndi Collins and they have a full of energy red headed son, Carter. When not working, Bryse can be found with his family enjoying Colorado living! Carter, Cyndi and Bryse are avid Colorado sports fans and have a special place in their hearts for the Denver Nuggets. Cyndi and Bryse are truly invested in the Northern Colorado Market, investing in local real estate, doing business and above all making it their home for the past 20+ years.

I want to be your Agent!

"The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed." - Chinese Proverb

Buying and Selling a home can be a task for some. It's difficult to know where to begin at times. Sometimes you need that extra push or coaching to get you to the goal. Allow me to be your coach and share my experience of Buying and Selling homes in Northern Colorado.